Software Archive

The software archive contains older builds and versions of the software that can be downloaded for use when experiencing issues with the current build or version.
These files are the full release version of the software and can be used for both installation or update.
NOTE: Installing an older software update may require that the current version be uninstalled first using Control Panel’s “Uninstall a Program”.


TerreSculptor 3.0 (License required, will run in demo mode)

Build 3.0.2024.195

Build 3.0.2024.191

Build 3.0.2024.181

Build 3.0.2024.167

Build 3.0.2024.162

Build 3.0.2024.153

Build 3.0.2024.146

Build 3.0.2024.143

Build 3.0.2024.134

Build 3.0.2024.128

Build 3.0.2024.124

Build 3.0.2024.121

Build 3.0.2024.113

Build 3.0.2024.100

Build 3.0.2024.045

Build 3.0.2024.012


TerreSculptor 2.0 (Free ‘Open Use’ but discontinued)

Build 2.0.2024.015


TerreSculptor 1.0 (Standard is Free, Professional License required)

Professional Edition Build 1.0.2019.088

Standard Edition Build 1.0.2019.080


Reference Manuals

Each installer also includes the Reference Manual for that version.
The Reference Manual is typically available as a link on the software Help menu.

TerreSculptor 1.0 Reference Manual

TerreSculptor 2.0 Reference Manual

TerreSculptor 3.0 Reference Manual